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Special Track

Bridging the AI Gap

Enabling youth from socio-geographical periphery easy use of AI solutions. 

We are looking for solutions that facilitate the implementation of AI tools in elementary and middle school in the periphery.

The solutions could use a wide variety of technologies and target any subject matter, in order to advance the use of AI in education at the largest scalability range possible. 

We are specially looking for solutions with flexibility and accessibility for diverse learning populations.

We invite startups that deal with the connection between AI and education and can narrow the gap to offer their solution and make it a reality.

If your vision is to ensure that everyone could enjoy the opportunity offered by artificial intelligence and participate fully in the digital economy and society, we invite you to apply for the competition.

The AI ​​gap could be a radical catalyst in deepening the digital divide. The situation in which individuals and various communities suffer from limited access to digital technologies, the lack of appropriate training and education and only a partial possibility to realize the potential of the technology becomes more dramatic as the technology changes rapidly.

Reducing the AI ​​gap already in the education system is the possibility of allowing as many young people as possible to continue to be relevant in a world that is undergoing an accelerated revolution in the way we communicate with technology. The geographic and socio-economic periphery in Israel suffers from a digital divide that is deepening. 

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  • Winner: Trip to London for the GESAwards Finals 

  • Winner: Exclusive invitation to a 2 day bootcamp in London on January 2024

  • 5-7 Finalists: Participation on MindCET Qweek Accelerator, a personalized acceleration program to adapt and validate their solutions on the  specific target market chosen by Bezeq. 

  • Implementation - Followed by a choice of winners that will conduct a POC for scaling and implementing their solutions with the facilitation of Bezeq.



March 2023

Applications Open to general & special tracks

September 30, 2023

Deadline for application submission

Sep-Nov 2023



January 2024

Global Finals


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