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Special Track

Let's Talk Data

We seek startups that are offering learning solutions that help learners develop data skills and competencies.


The use of data in general and Big Data in particular enables a deeper understanding of a variety of fields from economics through marketing to health. The current opportunities for collecting and analyzing data are unique and unprecedented, allowing huge developments in all industries that can not only predict, but respond intelligently to the emerging changes we are becoming used to.  


This track will encourage startups to promote breakthrough learning solutions based on data usage.


Solutions that use intelligently use data to help understand better the learner and that can impact significantly learning solutions.  Solutions that enable EdTech stakeholders to be more efficient and meet better their educational challenges.

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in partnership with

CET, Israel


  • Data Track Winner: Trip to London on January 2021 for the GESAwards Finals 

  • The Winner receives an exclusive invitation to a 2-day Bootcamp in London January 2021



March 2020

Call for applications 

June 2020

Selection of 5 Semifinalists in Tel Aviv (Israel)

October 2020

Semifinalists presentations 

January 2021

Global Finals


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