Special Track

Re-booting Cultural Treasures

The National Library of Israel is searching to partner with startups that can unveil its rich heritage in order to enable accessibility and scalable use.

Most often, historical and cultural heritage materials are found in libraries, archives, information depositories, etc... where they are accessible mainly to researchers and limited communities. Yet these materials hold broad relevance and significance for individuals and the public at large. Our goal is to find technology based approaches that will significantly improve and widen access to these materials, rendering them usable and meaningful to contemporary users.

The goal is to bring the riches of the world of culture into digital platforms in which we all work and create and turn them into a force impacting the collective present and shaping the future.

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in partnership with

Yad Hanadiv


  • $50,000 to the winning proposal. In addition, Yad Hanadiv will allocate a further amount of up to $ 1 million for the development and implementation of winning proposals, subject to the signing of a collaboration agreement with the National Library of Israel, and at Yad Hanadiv’s discretion.



January 2022

Applications Open to general & special tracks

August 31, 2022

Deadline for application submission

Sep-Nov 2022



January 2023

Global Finals