GESAwards Bootcamp 2021 Agenda

The Global Edtech Startup Bootcamp is a two-days event prior to GESAwards London Finals, exclusively for GESAwards finalists, providing them with practical tools and specific opportunities to grow their businesses. The crowd in the bootcamp includes 30-40 selected startups from around the globe, in different stages and from various verticals of Edtech, as well as GESAwards global partners.

The bootcamp is first of all an opportunity to connect, share experiences, challenges and opportunities across the global EdTech industry. The agenda includes presentations of industry leaders, workshops and discussions, with an emphasis on practical, hands on experience for the participants, enabling them to generate usable outcomes. 

GESAwards Bootcamp 2021 Agenda

January 18-19, 12pm-4pm GMT

18.1 - Day #1


What does GESAwards teaches us about Edtech Trends 

Avi Warshavsky

CEO at MindCET & Founder of GESAwards


Getting to know you

Moderator: Tal Redler - Head of GESAwards - special tracks 

GESAwards finalists and partners


Education Industry Leaders – Shaken by schools shutdown  

Moderator: Ron Reed - Founder & Executive Producer, SXSW EDU

Caroline Wright - Director General at BESA, Director of EdTech Exchange

Alvaro Luis Cruz – VP innovation at Positivo

Shir Boim Shwartz - Director of Innovation and R&D at The Center for Educational Technology (CET)


2021 Global Learning Landscape

Moderator: Amit Mofaz - COO, MindCET

Maria Spies - Co-CEO & Co-founder at HolonIQ




Snapshots of the Edtech Global Landscape


Moderator: Pierre-Antoine Ullmo – Co-founder at Open Education Challenge

Valeriy Platonov – Contest chair at Global Conference on New Edu-Technologies #EdCrunch  

Thierry de Vulpillières – CEO at EvidenceB

Tobias Himmerich – Founder & CEO at Eduvation

Félix López Capel – Director at SEK Lab Edtech Accelerator

Antti Korhonen - Co-Founder & Partner at Sparkmind VC Finland


LATAM, Africa and the Middle East

Moderator: Fernando Valenzuela Migoya – Founding Partner at Global Impact Edtech Alliance

Ernest Gavor – Director of innovation at GSET

Eugene Pelteret – Co-founder of Reflective learning

César Sánchez - Edtech Entrepreneurship Coordinator at Tec de Monterrey



Moderator: Paz Eliav, Head of Accelerator at MindCET, Director of GESAwards

Jean Hammond - General Partner at LearnLaunch Accelerator

Ash Kaluarachchi – Co-founder at StartEd | Producer at EDTECH WEEK

19.1 - Day #2


The Changing Landscape of Edtech Investments

Moderator: Avi Warshavsky – CEO of MindCET, Founder of GESAwards

Benoit Wirz – Partner at Brighteye VC

Marie-Christine LEVET – Founder and Partner at EduCapital

Colin Brown – Founder at Nex.D

Marcelo Burbano – Managing Partner & Co-founder at Prismapar


Asia Edtech Market Overview

Moderator: Cecilia Waissman - VP R&D at MindCET​

Norihisa Wada - Executive Vice President & Co-Chief Operating Officer at Edulab

Niko Lindholm - Program Director at EduSpaze Accelerator

Jubin Jacob Mathew – International Growth and Strategy lead at Ingenious Faces

Jerrick Ren - Head of overseas at JMDedu




AWS collaboration with Edtech startups


Juan Luis Vílchez – EMEA Edtech Lead at AWS


Enabling connections for Growth

  GESAwards finalists and partners


Wrapping up

GESAwards finalists and partners