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Bett 2024, a launchpad for startups.

As the largest EdTech show across the globe, Bett has been welcoming startups to the show floor since its inception in 1985. To measure the impact of the show, we interviewed Christopher Hogbin from Number Hive, who exhibited at Bett UK 2023 in the Futures area and shared some of the ways Bett has helped his company’s growth.

Number Hive uses elements of gamification, in-depth algorithms and educational expertise to enhance the learning experience of maths students. Chris, a former teacher, started the company after seeing students struggling with maths for almost a decade. Recognising the limitations, he built a successful paper-based solution which fostered a growth mindset and forged a long-lasting, stronger understanding of the subject. “I knew that once digitised and scaled, it could help teachers and students on a global scale”, explains Chris.

Chris found exhibiting at Bett UK 2023 a huge success. “For us, Bett has always been the tip of the sword when it comes to educational conferences. It has a great blend of educators and stakeholders in education and edtech”, he told us. We were excited to hear about the growth Number Hive has seen since exhibiting at Bett. Chris shared that the platform is gaining more than a thousand new users each day – all without a marketing budget! “Bett helped us make some key connections that have really helped this organic growth”.

For startups interested in exhibiting at Bett, Chris shared some handy tips on how to ensure success; “It’s really important you get your product into people's hands and let them see its power. It’s not enough to just tell them about it”. Chris also had some more practical recommendations, such as making sure there are two people manning the stall to ensure you can delegate tasks and don’t miss out on opportunities. Exhibiting at Bett also means you have access to the fantastic content across seven stages and hundreds of other exhibitors. Bett wasn’t just successful from an exhibiting perspective, Chris explained, but also offered an opportunity to explore the educational landscape.

We’re excited to be welcoming ever more startups back to Bett for 2024. If you’re interested in exhibiting for 2024 or 2025, do get in touch with us via this form on our website. Don’t miss out!

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