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Special Track

Connect, Transform, Achieve!

Platforms for Boosting Transformative Competencies

Track is now closed

We expect students to improve and enhance their transformative competencies, and we are seeking new ways that technology can help teachers and schools to advance the students’ abilities in these areas, such as:

Connecting – Communicating and collaborating with people, embracing diversity, building relationships.

Transforming – Initiating and implementing change, making decisions, encouraging critical thinking and learning agility.

Achieving – Delivering results, overcoming obstacles, adjusting to change and boosting resilience.

We are looking for startups that creatively blend technology  and pedagogy  to provide middle school students  (ages 12-15) with challenging and learning environments that provide experiential learning, doing and reflecting - in ways that alleviate their competencies. Our objective is to enable and motivate students to improve their competencies (e.g. connecting / transforming / achieving), and to provide them (and their teachers) with dynamic gateways that trigger and expand their acquisition experiences and their capacities. 

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in partnership with

State of Israel Ministry of Education & Digital Israel


  • Winner: Trip to London for the GESAwards Finals 

  • Winner: Exclusive invitation to a 2 day bootcamp in London on January 2023

  • 5 Finalists: Participation on MindCET Qweek Accelerator

  • Pilot test product in 5-10 classrooms during the 2023-24 school year, with the guidance of the Israel Ministry of EducationReceive professional product evaluation



March 2022

Applications Open to general & special tracks

September 15, 2022

Deadline for application submission

Sep-Nov 2022



January 2023

Global Finals


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