Special Track

Addressing learning differences

Leveraging EdTech to address learning differences

Children enter school with a vast range of individual differences in cognitive, emotional, and social skills, which together determine how well and how quickly they will learn.


However, learning settings and educational systems often fail to foster children’s individual learning potential.

EdTech solutions catering to the children’s individual needs can help bridge the learning differences and provide all children with the chance to learn and thrive. 


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Jacobs Foundation


  • Winner: Trip to London for the GESAwards Finals 

  • Winner: Exclusive invitation to a 2 day bootcamp in London on January 2022

  • Become a member of the exclusive Jacobs Network. Opportunities to attend Jacobs Foundation events and pathways for collaboration with JF directly or with the wider JF network. 

  • 5 Finalists: Participation on MindCET Qweek Accelerator


March 2021

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January 2022

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