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Special Track

Hospitalized Children Education Challenge

Supporting hospitalized children’s recovery by keeping them connected to their academic and social activities


Sasa Setton is an educational initiative which provides unique programming for hospitalized children in collaboration with Israel’s Ministry of Education. Sasa Setton operates in more than 40 hospitals throughout Israel and provides services to about 120,000 children per year.

Sasa Setton is looking for new innovative advanced technologies to expand its work and provide education to hospitalized children in order to help them stay connected with regular academic and social activities, support their ability to cope with hospitalization and the management of their illness as well as enabling a swift school re-entry.


in partnership with

Sasa Setton


  • Winner: Cash to enable trip to London on January 2021 for the GESAwards Finals 

  • Winner: Exclusive invitation to a 2-day Bootcamp in London January 2021

  • Winner: $5,000 US dollars 

  • Semifinalists: Sasa Setton will facilitate pilots at children hospitals in Israel



March 2020

Call for applications 

September 2020

Selection of 5 Semifinalists

October 2020

Semifinalists presentations 

January 2021

Global Finals


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